5 Blunders you should avoid in Sous Vide cooking

November 19, 2018

Only a few people love to take effort for cooking a great meal. Most of us find cooking to be a hard task that we can’t avoid. But there are a special group of people who just love cooking. They know good food takes effort. And they are ready to take the extra effort. French Sous Vide cooking is one of the best cooking methods, it takes as much time and effort as its greatness.

Even though the method is simple enough, there are a few pitfalls that every beginner could overlook. Knowing there is the obvious way to avoid. So here are 5 blunders you should avoid in French Sous Vide Cooking.

1. Not being careful about Sous Vide pouches

The pouches used in French Sous Vide cooking are delicate and they need to handled nicely. If you are not careful with them it could ruin your whole cook. If the water gets into the pouch it will surely ruin your meal. So if you are dealing with food with sharp edges being extra careful never hurts.

Also leaving your food unattended for a long time will also be an issue. Especially for delicate meat like fish. If you don’t stir them from time to time all you get will be one giant piece of fish, instead of nicely cut fillets.

2. Placing eggs directly into the container

Eggs are one of the best food to Sous Vide. But most people forget that eggs are pretty fragile and cooking them without a pouch can be a disaster. The shell tends to crack while Sous Vide cooking and doing so without a pouch can be disastrous. So always use a pouch while cooking an egg.

3. Reduction of water level during the cook

Water evaporates during the cook. If you haven’t done anything to make the evaporated water to fall back to the container things can go wrong. There is a chance for your food to be half submerged in water and will not cook as you expected. Also, the machine can shut down due to low water level if you leave it unattended for a long time.

4. Overcooking food after the cook

Every cooking method is different. And it takes a lot of time and research to master one. So before cooking research and read a lot about other people’s experiences it can help you a lot. Food continues to cook even after stopping the cooking if you don’t give it an ice bath. Also, searing can overdo the food if you are not careful.

5. Not being careful about seasoning

Always remember Sous Vide is a lot different than other cooking methods. Seasoning is one place where the difference really shows. In most of the cooking methods, some of the seasonings are lost in one step or the other. So we always add extra to make up. But Sous Vide is completely different. There is no place to lose the seasoning everything just stays in the pouch. So if you add a bit more seasoning, as usual, it can ruin the food.

Every new method always presents new challenges. There are always pitfalls that everyone falls into. But there is no need to fall into the ones you can avoid. Always remember patience is the key and you can always learn from your mistakes.