5 greatest misconceptions about Sous Vide cooking

November 21, 2018

Everything has its own misconceptions. As the Sous Vide cooking method has risen in its popularity, the misconceptions are on the rise too. I see a lot of urban myths about this method and most of them are downright nuts.

French Sous vide cooking is a method that has evolved over more than 200 years and is used in most of the top restaurants around the world. If done properly following instructions there is no need to worry.

So now we can talk about some the misconceptions I have been hearing.


1. You need expensive equipment to cook Sous Vide

This is one of the most common things I hear about the style. But this comes people who don’t even bother to read anything about the method, which is most of them. There is no need for any fancy tools for French Sous vide cooking, you can start cooking with a thermometer, ziplock bags and a common pot. When I say this most people are surprised and say that it would take a lot more investment for French Sous Vide cooking.

2. Plastics bags can transfer harmful chemicals to food.

This one may be kind of true. But only if you are not using food grade plastic. In a recent research, it was found that most of the food poisoning in restaurants were caused by unhygienic handling of food.

According to a recent research, the safest plastics are used to make food grade plastics. These are the safest plastics. The researches in this field continue till this date and companies still try to increase the safety of their products.

3. Sous vide allows bacteria to multiply to a dangerous level

Downright nuts, this is was what I was talking about. I don’t know how people are coming up with these baseless claims. The temperature is well above pasteurization limits and this kills all pathogenic bacteria. There is no way you can think that this temperature will allow bacteria to multiply.

4. Sous Vide doesn’t leave anything for imagination

If you don’t have any imagination don’t blame that on the method. Even though the method is all about cooking something perfectly, it leaves enough room for you to decide the flavour. All the flavor lies on the ingredients you choose and the seasonings you use.

Someone wise once said only you can limit your creativity.

5. It always takes a long time to cook using the Sous Vide method

This is one, you don’t know is a misconception unless you actually know more about the technique. There are a lot of things you can prepare under a couple of hours. Even though it is slow cooking some things only need a small amount of time for cooking. Mashed potatoes are cooked under 45 minutes. You can even prepare fish, chicken or steak under an hour.

Remember there will always be people who oppose or makeup stories about good things. Always be sure clear your misconceptions with an expert.