8 tips to make you a better Sous Vide cook

November 14, 2018

French Sous Vide cooking is a pretty straightforward cooking method. But experts always does it better than you. So what is their secret? How are they always able to do it better than you? The most simple answer is the experience. As you do something over and over, you learn a few secrets. These secrets differentiate you from others.

So with this article, I present you some of the best secrets(you can call them tips.) about French Sous Vide cooking. Most of these may seem as big but they can surely make a difference.

1. Cover the water bath plastic wrap

The water bath is always kept at a steady high temperature. So water will be vaporizing always. If there is nothing to stop the vapour from going out, the water level will reduce and affect the cook. There is also a chance for the machine to shut down due to low water level. So always make sure there is no gap for the vapour to escape through.

2. Keep the plastic bag in the freezer for sometime before sealing

most vacuum seals draw air and moisture out of the bag. So moisture can come in the way of a perfect seal. If you keep the cover in the freezer before sealing moisture will set and the seal will be more controlled.

3. Sear the meat before vacuum seal

Most people advise you to sear the meat after the cook. But searing it lightly before the cook can bring out an amazing flavour. Most people don’t do this due to the extra effort needed, but if you want to take your food to the next level this is a must try.

4. Make sure the bag always stays immersed in water

This is more like an instruction than a tip. But we often forget to check upon the cook. The bag doesn’t always stay immersed and it affects the taste.

5. Insulate the water bath container with ping pong balls

This may seem crazy but this is one of the best tips here. If you are using a plastic wrap to insulate water bath use ping pong balls instead. They are flexible, less costly, reusable and easier to clean up.

6. Make sure there are no air gaps

People using ziplock bags should be careful about this. Airgaps can lead to uneven cooking. If you are using a vacuum sealer then this is not for you.

7. More time doesn’t mean better taste

People tend to Sous Vide food for a long time thinking that it will make it tastier. But this is not at all true, ultimately Sous Vide is like any other kind of cooking. If you cook too long it will be dry and tasteless. So cook according to the food.We also recommend that you make sure your best sous vide cooker is able to hold a consistent temperature through the cook!

8. Be careful with the vacuum sealer

Delicate meats can break down if you are not careful. The vacuum seal is powerful and if you are not careful with it the meat will suffer.

All these tips are very simple changes you can bring to your cook. These may not necessarily make you an expert. But it will surely make your food better.