French Sous Vide Cooking

November 9, 2018

French Sous vide cooking is very popular nowadays as it can povide you with the food just like the restaurants some precise procedure. The meaning of sousvide is under vacuum. The cooking is done under vacuum and it is a French procedure. The food is put inside a plastic bag and field by vacuum and then it is cooked by the water bath in precise temperature. The temperature is the main factor in this kind of cooking.

No other cooking procedure is as good as this. It allows to cook and serve restaurant grade palatable dishes. But nowadays by some very effective machines like sous vide, you can achieve quite easily.


There are three steps to do French sous vide cooking. the procedure is not so much complicated, and it is very easy for anyone to do this. The three steps are: –

  • STEP 1: You have to put sous vide cooker and set the temperature the water pot in it.:
  • STEP 2: Tell the food material is kept in plastic bags and sealed with a vacuum.
  • STEP 3: The packet is put in the water and let it be cooked in the required precise temperature.


This cooking procedure is very much effective if you want the food to be like a restaurant. the restaurant like food cannot be obtained by the conventional procedure of cooking so this procedure is really a hype right now to achieve that precise taste of food which cannot be made at home by the traditional recipes.

This process is needed for so many other reasons except the taste too like reduction of wastage, electricity consumption, the time taken etc. The wastage of different types of resources is less in this procedure as the precise cooking procedure followed and also we use precise temperature control so no extra electricity charges are there. and by French sous vide cooking, time is not wasted at all as the precise temperature is used to cook it.


The main advantage in this procedure is achieving the exact taste like the restaurant it cannot be done by the conventional procedure of cooking at home. So, this process is quite advantages for that reason. also, it is very environment-friendly as the wastage is less and electricity charges are lower because no exact precise temperature is set to cook the food. no extra cooking is done so that taste is as it is and not overcooked or undercooked. The exact taste of food is achieved by the French sous vide cooking procedure.


French sous vide cooking is so popular right now that everyone is talking about it and trying out New recipes by this procedure. it is a very efficient way of cooking and the perfect taste like a restaurant can be achieved by this. And that is the primary reason for so many people liking it.

This is the new era of cooking right after the traditional and conventional way of cooking all over the world.